My final delivery of produce for this month comes today, and I’m so proud of myself!

I had a goal to only spend $200 on groceries. I usually spent about $400 a month in Knoxville, and double that in Honolulu.. Which PJ couldn’t be blamed for, because he didn’t eat breakfast or lunch at home. Everything is sickeningly expensive in Hawaii, but I think I can drastically reduce my spending even there now that I’m vegan.

Anyways, this month I spent $195, not counting Easter brunch because I’m not gonna count a holiday. Yay! I absolutely loved all the meals I made, too. It doesn’t seem like I’m eating on a budget at all.

Yesterday was perfect.

We had a meetup play date at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in the morning. It took two buses & an hour to get there, but it was so totally well worth it. The place was beautiful, every inch of it covered in flowers, ducks & geese. Terry loves flowers, animals, and being outdoors, so he couldn’t possibly have been more in his element. It was wonderful to see him so happy.

"Duck" was one of his first words as an infant, when he was 6 months old, because he loves his rubber ducks during bath time so much. This was his first time seeing real ducks, and they were extremely friendly from everyone feeding them this bird seed you could buy a big bag of for a $1. So they got very close to him the whole time, and he must’ve chanted "duck" for an hour and a half straight. It was super cute.

When I kept correcting him about the “bigger birdies” and saying “goose” he caught on eventually. He was saying “Goo! Goo!” when pointing them out, then pointing out the ducks again. They were all just quacking & honking away.

The weather said it was supposed to rain all day, besides this window of sunlight from 10-12. That ended up being quite accurate. The meetup started at 10 am, and we got there a few minutes early. It was cool outside, but sunny & gorgeous. We stayed until 11:30, when the bus was coming, which was Terry’s nap time anyways.

He napped in the Ergo on the bus back into town, and we had lunch at Veggie Grill, this cute vegan diner with burgers, wraps, soups, salads & quinoa bowls. It was delicious. Then we got fresh raw organic cashew milk at Greenleaf & hopped on the train to the Children’s Museum.

This was a special day at the museum, the grand opening of their new outdoor exhibit, which I had been looking forward to for weeks. It was amazing! The play area leading out to it was full of stuff donated by IKEA and so adorable, it was basically a large mudroom, which I really want in my home some day. Terry had fun just playing in there for a long time with the bird & plant magnets.

It started pouring down raining right after we got inside the museum, so perfect timing. We of course waited to go outside. Then the sun came out, and we went out there, and it was spectacular. They have all these wooden buckets and fountains for the kids to get right in & splash around. There’s even a special gated area for toddlers, and Terry had the time of his life. Note to self - bring yellow rain boots and change of clothes next time. They had walking trails, a stone amphitheater, a log pavilion with live music, and they were giving out drinks & treats. It was a party.

Then we went inside to give Terry time to dry off. We were reading books together when it started sleeting! We looked out the window at the falling ice. But the sun came back out & it was warm on our walk home. What a strange day.

Then we had dinner together at Whole Foods, which was really good.. Especially the vegan mashed potatoes made with EVOO. And this raw unfiltered pure pink lady apple juice. I’m in love.

Because Terry had only napped a half hour instead of his usual 2-3 hours, he went to bed on me an hour early. I got to enjoy a bottle of wine and organic kettle chips. The organic kettle chips are the same price as the regular ones! Definitely my junk food of choice.

It’s pretty nasty outside today, so we will have to do fun things inside. Time for Terry to try his Easter LUSH goodies! And tonight we have a MOPS meeting.

I love how philosophical I get when I’m drunk.

When your child refuses a nap & then passes out for the night at 7 pm, and life has given you a bottle of Riesling, you’ll know what to do. And I feel like when I have to take the time to actually remove a cork, and I can’t just screw a cap back on, well.. I’m obligated to finish the bottle, am I not?

So then I start thinking deep thoughts. Who was it that said write drunk, edit sober? Was it Hemingway? Probably.

He was the most technically good writer who wrote about the most boring shit. Like OMG your work is so clean, but I don’t give a damn about war or bullfighting, just stop. He’s like.. When I see a girl with perfect boobs who refuses to be a stripper. I think about how much money I could make with her assets. I think about how great I could be with Hemingway’s talent. Damn the wasted talent, or talent in the wrong hands.

What was I saying? I think it was that I’m writing a zombie story tonight & I’m excited about it.

I gave a place a very bad review on Yelp, after two negative experiences there.. So someone in charge messaged me wanting my phone number in order to fix things after they talk to management at that location, and, in their exact words, “investigate.” Yikes. I was just giving my opinion, I didn’t want this to go to trial.


Bollywood Theater looks delicious! It’s pretty far from me, though, and I don’t drive. I went to the Salt & Straw in the Alphabet District, which is dangerously close to me.. And to LUSH. I’ve been wanting Indian food though! I’ll have to go there if I’m out that way for something.


"Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Cracked Pepper" by Jade Sheldon

This was what I was talking about, but this is a super pretty shot. I would love to do food photography someday when I have a working laptop & I’m able to use my camera again.

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I was a bad, bad girl tonight. I ate two scoops of locally sourced ice cream.

I hadn’t planned on it at all. I was craving seafood really badly, I guess I’m not getting enough protein. Maybe because Terry has literally been nursing 24/7 lately, like a newborn but worse.. Because his stomach is much bigger now. So I went in search of fish tacos. I really wanted a substantial meal, and Mexican usually does the trick.

Well, you know when you pay money for a meal that you were so hungry for, and it tastes super bland but you eat it anyways because you’re starving, but afterwards you’re just so disappointed and pissed off? So you decide you need to eat something really delicious & have a satisfying experience & get a better taste in your mouth? That happened.

And right across the street was Salt & Straw, which I’ve heard so much about. This hip hop music was blaring, and people were smiling in there, and it smelled heavenly. It was all like, beckoning me & stuff.

I got a scoop of the honey lavender, and a scoop of the pear & bleu cheese. Both were good. The honey lavender one especially. It REALLY tasted like fresh lavender. I wanted to try the strawberry honey balsamic with cracked pepper, but not because that’s my sort of thing. I wanted to try it for Patrick, so I could tell him about it.

When I got home, I downed tons of water to flush out my system, with magnesium powder in it, and prayed I’d be able to poop again. Prayers answered. No side effects. Very interesting indeed.

But I cannot & will not go back to eating tons of dairy all the time. That’s so gross. I really love my lifestyle now.

If you are gonna have a cheat day once in a blue moon, THIS is the place to do it. Puts Ben & Jerry’s to shame.

Roasted purple cauliflower leftover from Easter brunch, with sautéed asparagus and a black & mahogany rice blend. #vegan #glutenfree #toddlerfood #whatveganseat #plantbased #vegansofig

The landlady’s Corgi puppy, Ollie, was helping him.. And by helping, I mean stealing eggs. They had so much fun together, though. They love each other. Terry would take his eggs out of Ollie’s mouth & put pinecones in there instead. #yestergram #16months #easter

Finding his first Easter egg on his first ever egg hunt. He found 10 out of 12 without my help, and a lot of them were well hidden. #yestergram #16months #easter