I am done blogging about my family.

I have seen way too much psychosis from mommy bloggers lately.. Not here on tumblr, but from the more popular ones. Me being such an empath, it has upset me a great deal. I would like to distance myself from the entire concept, and protect my child. I never want to end up like these other women I read about on GOMI.

I still plan to do a food blog, but I will be doing it anonymously. It’ll be my pictures & writing, but not my name or my face, and nothing at all about Terry.. Except maybe to share a recipe I make for his birthday or something.

I’ll still be on Instagram, but it is now set to private, and it won’t be posting to this blog anymore. I will not be posting to this blog anymore.

Not that anyone reads it anyways. I’m lucky in that sense. But for the few of you who do, I wanted to give you a heads up. And you know how to find me. I gave up Facebook a few years ago & now I’m ready to give up tumblr. My husband is back home, I’m not pregnant anymore & have a responsibility to Terry, and it’s time. Time to say goodbye.

It’s been real!


Our #toms came in the mail.

lovingmylense said: What will you do to make the outside different

Of the house? I honestly don’t care about the outside at all. The yard is the size of a postage stamp, there is no shade at all, and the front porch just gives a view of everyone else’s front porch. And it’s a rental, so it’s not like I’m going to invest in trees, shrubs or flowers.

We do live right by the community center & pool, though. And there are beaches we can get to. I can’t see me ever sitting in our yard, but I am happy with the things we are getting for inside the house.

Brought some #Portland goodness home with me. This is the best peanut butter in the entire world - it’s not vegan, though. I was obsessed with the original, which is just peanuts, Pacific Northwest honey & sea salt. This one is the same, but with cinnamon & chia seeds, and it’s great as well. I could eat a jar of this a day if it weren’t so expensive.. And if the shipping rates weren’t crazy. #pdxeats #peanutbutter

Napping in his new boat pajamas that Daddy got him while Momma watches Six Feet Under. #18months #yestergram

Day 27/100. We bought this bed! Ignore the bedding, this was taken in the furniture store. Our bedding is white/charcoal ombre. We both fell in love with this frame when we saw it, we were initially coming here to buy a different one.. But this one was calling our names. And it was on clearance! And we got a handcrafted, one of a kind, solid wood desk & chair for the iMac I’m getting, a coffee table, and some accent pieces, and we actually agreed on everything & had SO much fun together! We went out to dinner at one of our favorite Japanese places that we hadn’t been to in forever, and Terry absolutely loved it. We got truffles from the incredible Honolulu Chocolate Company. Then we watched Bates Motel in bed, all cuddling together. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time. #100happydays (at HomeWorld)

Regarding the holiday thing, PJ confirmed they are called “bank holidays” in Australia, where he was once stationed. But he also said we call them “federal holidays” in America.

Really we don’t, though, we just call them holidays. Military and other government employees call them federal holidays because they actually get those days off work. Sometimes. Patrick is on deployment for a lot of them.

Patrick didn’t like my ideas for the color scheme of our bedroom at all, really. He thought everything was too “juvenile” and “girly.”

Sometimes I wish he would just be quiet and let me make everything lilac and glittery. But then I remember that he works hard all day & deserves to have a place of comfort to come home to in the evenings and on the weekends.

We used to agree on everything when it came to personal taste, but he has matured a lot all of a sudden, and I have not. I will probably (hopefully) never be your typical Navy housewife with a tan microsuede sectional sofa & khaki mom shorts. The thought of that makes me want to die. I have a relentless fear of.. I don’t even know. I can’t find the words. I just don’t want to be.. Beige.

I liked all these duvet covers on Wayfair that were bright ombre watercolors, and Patrick hated them & said they were tie dye when they were not. But even if they were, is that a bad thing? I think it’s a great thing.

He did end up liking an ombre duvet cover on Anthropologie that was white with smoky gray-charcoal edges. That was the one thing we agreed on, I really liked it too. Everything else he picked out was neutral earth tones, and I wanted nothing to do with any of it. So I ordered the white & gray one, and the matching shams. They were on clearance, and I’m a sucker for a deal.

I also ordered a mint ombre throw pillow from Wayfair, and a periwinkle & mint ombre lamp shade from Anthropologie, I want those to be the only two pops of color in the room. Everything else monochrome. I want to find graphite velvet drapes, and to make prints of all my favorite black & white photographs I’ve taken to go in silver frames on the walls.

Patrick casually mentioned today that he wants the bed frame I really wanted. Which surprised me. So we are going to add it to our order to be delivered, because it’s from the same store as the couch & dining set we ordered, which were also my top choices. I am definitely not complaining in this post.

I’m trying to work out my inner demons. I don’t know why I’m so terrified of being normal, or being a carbon copy of everyone else. I’m getting too old to be rebellious, but it seems like I get worse with age. It’s driving me kinda nuts that we live in military housing now, so I’m determined to make our house not look like all the others on the inside.

I was just reading an interview on BBK, and it still weirds me out that non-Americans have such a different definition of “holiday.”

Someone was asked their favorite holiday, and did they say Christmas, Halloween, Easter? No, they started describing a vacation in Spain.

What do you all CALL actual holidays then? Surely there is a word for it? Like how you call chips “crisps” which I cannot even pronounce without sounding like I’m on meth & also happen to have a lisp.

I have some goat Brie & black grapes on my plate right now, and Terry keeps begging for more Brie. He says “MmMmah!” (more).

I told him if he wants more say cheese, and he said it very clearly on his first try! Now he keeps saying it after each bite.

He has continued to say “ess pweez” whenever we ask if he wants something, whether it be milk or food or to watch a movie or go on a walk.