Two announcements: 1) I haven’t been on Instagram, because I finally have a computer to edit on & I’ve been using my camera instead of my phone. 2) I created a new FB, but a lot of you have yours set so I can’t add you.. And my messages to you go in your junk folder. So add me. The address is LavenderTia.

Not sure what I want to do with my life next. I feel like I desperately need a hobby.

I did want to start the food blog, but now that my husband is back home & once again monopolizing the kitchen & making meals a million times better than I could ever hope to, I kinda have zero motivation to do that anymore. Especially since everyone & their sister has a food blog. I haven’t even been vegan anymore, I’ve basically gone back to eating paleo, except I still have potatoes, corn & rice. But no gluten, dairy, or eggs. And I have no digestive problems and everything tastes good & I don’t have to cook it, so I can’t complain.

What I really want to do is start a 90’s blog. Patrick thinks it’s silly but I don’t care. I am truly obsessed with the 90’s. I want to do reviews of movies, shows & books from the 90’s, and do short stories (500-1500 words) based on 90’s rock song titles, and post about my favorite fashion icons & trends of the 90’s.. maybe even take screenshots from 90210 and Clueless and stuff like that. And do fashion posts where I pose in my own modern take on 90’s outfits from Claire Danes or Drew Barrymore or Gwen Stefani or Jennifer Aniston. 

I just don’t want to post about my life, because who cares? I don’t care. I am sick of reading personal blogs (no offense to anyone) and want to get far away from that naval gazing. 

I also am dying to take pictures of someone besides just my son. Like he’s gorgeous, but that can’t be all I photograph. Gonna start doing landscapes, and I am meeting up with a model soon who might become my muse. And I’m looking into buying some watercolors, charcoal pastels & oil paints (maybe).

I feel like now that my son is nearing 2 years old, being a mom can’t be the only thing I am or do. It can’t. 

Old photos of Terry - since they were taken before he turned 19 months & I decided to stop posting about him to protect his privacy, I figured it was alright. I still have his baby pictures on this blog & don’t ever plan to take them down. I just hadn’t gotten around to editing these until today, now that I finally have my new iMac and wifi is hooked up in our new place! 

I’m loving Lightroom 5.

The penguin pajamas & snow pictures were taken in Knoxville, and the rose garden is International Rose Test Garden at Washington Park in Portland.

I am done blogging about my family.

I have seen way too much psychosis from mommy bloggers lately.. Not here on tumblr, but from the more popular ones. Me being such an empath, it has upset me a great deal. I would like to distance myself from the entire concept, and protect my child. I never want to end up like these other women I read about on GOMI.

I still plan to do a food blog, but I will be doing it anonymously. It’ll be my pictures & writing, but not my name or my face, and nothing at all about Terry.. Except maybe to share a recipe I make for his birthday or something.

I’ll still be on Instagram, but it is now set to private, and it won’t be posting to this blog anymore. I will not be posting to this blog anymore.

Not that anyone reads it anyways. I’m lucky in that sense. But for the few of you who do, I wanted to give you a heads up. And you know how to find me. I gave up Facebook a few years ago & now I’m ready to give up tumblr. My husband is back home, I’m not pregnant anymore & have a responsibility to Terry, and it’s time. Time to say goodbye.

It’s been real!


Our #toms came in the mail.

respiramommybreath said: What will you do to make the outside different

Of the house? I honestly don’t care about the outside at all. The yard is the size of a postage stamp, there is no shade at all, and the front porch just gives a view of everyone else’s front porch. And it’s a rental, so it’s not like I’m going to invest in trees, shrubs or flowers.

We do live right by the community center & pool, though. And there are beaches we can get to. I can’t see me ever sitting in our yard, but I am happy with the things we are getting for inside the house.

Brought some #Portland goodness home with me. This is the best peanut butter in the entire world - it’s not vegan, though. I was obsessed with the original, which is just peanuts, Pacific Northwest honey & sea salt. This one is the same, but with cinnamon & chia seeds, and it’s great as well. I could eat a jar of this a day if it weren’t so expensive.. And if the shipping rates weren’t crazy. #pdxeats #peanutbutter

Napping in his new boat pajamas that Daddy got him while Momma watches Six Feet Under. #18months #yestergram

Day 27/100. We bought this bed! Ignore the bedding, this was taken in the furniture store. Our bedding is white/charcoal ombre. We both fell in love with this frame when we saw it, we were initially coming here to buy a different one.. But this one was calling our names. And it was on clearance! And we got a handcrafted, one of a kind, solid wood desk & chair for the iMac I’m getting, a coffee table, and some accent pieces, and we actually agreed on everything & had SO much fun together! We went out to dinner at one of our favorite Japanese places that we hadn’t been to in forever, and Terry absolutely loved it. We got truffles from the incredible Honolulu Chocolate Company. Then we watched Bates Motel in bed, all cuddling together. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time. #100happydays (at HomeWorld)

Regarding the holiday thing, PJ confirmed they are called “bank holidays” in Australia, where he was once stationed. But he also said we call them “federal holidays” in America.

Really we don’t, though, we just call them holidays. Military and other government employees call them federal holidays because they actually get those days off work. Sometimes. Patrick is on deployment for a lot of them.